Hi there!

My name is Isaac and I am a sound guy from Leeds who’s available for all of your music and audio needs.

I provide music and audio services for documentaries, animations any moving image works I find exciting.

In need of music for a project or just want your audio to sound just that extra bit sweeter? Well I can certainly help you there!

From theme tunes to soundscapes, location recording to mixing and mastering I can take your project to the next level with custom music and sound with added personality and flair.

For enquires and pricing get in touch at isaacroachmusic@aol.com or through my contact page shown above.

Music and Audio services can often go overlooked but a film with a poor soundtrack or unintelligible dialogue will only ever be remembered for the wrong reasons. Don’t make this mistake, utilise someone who’s passion for story telling within music can enhance your own work.

Recent Works

Dublin To Manchester & The Bits In-Between.

A biopic about the life and adventures of Dorothy Ennis-Hand, a photographer and globe trotter who founded the now highly regarded charity Narcolepsy UK.

My work for on this film spans a variety of genres flirting with elements of folk and self generative composition.

You can now catch the film in full in selected uk venues or through this link https://vimeo.com/665575343

The Last Riders

A quirky collaboration with a team of Yorkshire animators about a gunslinging outlaw in a fantasy realm.

In this one I dust off the old electric guitar, don my cowboy hat and spurs and take you on a rootin-tootin journey through the underworld.

Into The Woods

Made in collaboration with the brilliant composer Odyssus Liakos, this film showcases my production and sound design talents in a moving story about a cow’s journey of self discovery.

What I can provide